Taney Parish Centre

Taney Road, Dundrum

Dublin 14

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Bump to Baby


€90 for 6 week course

(includes individual assessment)

***Discounts available for return clients

Postnatal clinical pilates:


Clinical/Modified Pilates is a form of dynamic stabilistaion retraining that reconditions the body from the central core.  It is designed especially for people who have or have had pain and injuries or require specialist physiotherapy attention pre or postnatally.  It has been shown to prevent the recurrence of and treat low back pain.

Next 6 week course:

Dundrum -

Monday or Wednesday at 8:35pm (beginners)

​​Venue - 

Taney Parish Centre, Taney Road, Dundrum, Dublin 14.

***Please note that as Lindsay is a chartered physiotherapist some of your fee may be claimed back against your health insurance policy.

Benefits of postnatal clinical pilates:​​​​

  • Rehabilitate abdominal muscles correctly

  • Rehabilitate pelvic floor muscles

  • Improve posture

  • Assist with weight loss

  • Increase fitness

  • Improve psychological well being

  • Reduce anxiety and depression

  • Social interaction

  • Hasten recovery